Failure of Wrong script loaded for this city

I get this failure ‘Command: Wrong script loaded for this city, Bot stopped’ how can I fix it

Start the bot in the right town for your walk script and it will work.

I did but I still have same problem

@ares pls upload your srcipt and tell us the defaut town

I start to create my script in hotan [because of my character (xbox-need bolt)] to go jangan cave but it doesnt matter because ı create a test script in hotan to go mujigi to understand the problem but same problem still continou, somewhere ı did a mistake but ı dont know how can ı fix it,–>here my script 91lvl.txt (2.4 KB)

the first thing in a script has to be a walk point just add it and it will work if ur hometown is hotan

also reduced the spaces between the walkpoint some walkpoint are over 200 x away


this is ur destination … -23612,1291 in the center of nothing where did u got the script ?

I will try it
and also for script— I created it, I just want to go jangan cave B3

ht to 91 chin tomb.txt (8.1 KB)

try this it also have reduced teleport delays so it will be faster ^^

oky thank you