failed to connect c7

i believe the c7 error is blacklisting ip on one account, cause i can login fine on one account but not the other.
apprently i cant have more than one account running on same ip, so i have to have one on a proxy… well i enter the proxy info and all it does it try to connect and connect with no errors

i tried two diffrent proxy servers and hosts, i believe its something with phbot or maybe my firewall settings not sure… i did use the same proxy with a diffrent bot and it was fine just a shitty bot … the proxys i use i pay for so thier not free ones.

any idea?

Problem was solved, in phbot.ini had to change bindip=None

Thank you bunker on Discord.

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I have a same problem. When i enter with 2 char to silkroad, next time i m getting c7 error or writing to me “you have exceeded the number of user logins allowed”. I am setting two different IP to gateways but problem is happening. What i must do? Ban is removing after some time but i can’t enter now.

Anyone can help?

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