Fail to re-take quest while relogin (isro-R palmyra)


im on the latest phtesting update

i have my bot set to “return&DC” every setup time…

sometimes this time hits:
-when i deliver a quest
-or when i finish quest … it deliver then DC…

not sure at what point…

but this is the 2nd time that i
checked my character’s quests
found that … it didnt re-take the “Scrap-Metal”

this is even since the version before this latest one…

i know/remember u saying
i need to have scrap-metal quest with me

in order for the bot to “deliver&re-take”
since it cant take it first time

cuz its set as OneTimeOnly by isro
but palmyra has it repeatable…

& its a 1 in a 1.000.000

the bot delivered the quest & DCed
so when it relogged in
it didnt have it
& didnt re-take it…

for the 2nd times… till now…

can you add an option here:

to check/take on “ScrapMetal” Quest
CHECK = if i have it or not
TAKE = if i dont have it

Only while in mirror town ofc…
to not walk soo far for it…

as in if returnBase is mirrorTown
or if walking by mirrorTown from other towns…

now this is the 3rd time of me just checking the quests i got
& finding the char not having the “scrap metal”…
phtesting v25.2.6

Send me your configs and the account.

no vip or premium … sure?

It will take too long for me to check that.

i dont mind the time
login time ~3h~
even if you let it login & go sleep & 9hours later u check it
u might wanna let it bot for 24h till the error appear actually…

its a ~7h~ login time…


i’ve updated the phtesting to latest
and deleted the .json

and when it logged it
i set the minimum settings i could setup

if the problem appeared again
login with the char & take your time(a whole day if you want)
to analyze the problem

meaning u have to suck it up with the login time cuz no premium or vip … kindly…

this problem is disabling a quest that cuts 60% of lvlup progress

cuz its a collection quest that drops from multi monsters

unlike the other one that requires hunting to 2x types of monsters
which can sometimes take time to finish cuz of where each spawn

not to mention the area for this quests is small & full of KS with party’s & party mobs spawn too which makes it slow progress…

also disabled the return&relogin every 470min

till now
no quests were deleted
so i’ll give a feedback if needed/it did

might’ve been an old .json config conflicting…

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