Exp Booster

if i set the bot to use exp boosters and i have a prem+ will the bot keep using them if the prem+ time is on or will it stop until the prem time is finished?

Depends on if the game text files say the skill will conflict.

what do you mean by that?

Im using testing version and on iSro

There’s a field in the text files that says if skills overlap which means they cannot be active at the same time. If the Premium+ and the boosters do not overlap they will be cast. However, it’s kind of broken since they might still overlap and you can cast them so it might not do it in that case.

okay its working fine when i have prem time the bot dosent use the exp bossters but when its finished it will use all the exp boosters i have in inv.
can you set it up to use only one at a time so after the last one finished or add time option use every 2h/1h?

By default it should only use it once. There’s no tracking of how many times it can be used; only if it is already active or not.

now its using them at once
im using testing release v21.7.3