Exchange Rune Button

Selamlar, phbot testing içerisinde bulunan Exchange Runes butonunu, Manager içerisine ekleyebilir misiniz? birden fazla karakter ile bunu yapmak yorucu oluyor, teşekkürler.

Greetings, can you add the Exchange Runes button in phbot testing to the Manager?
doing this with multiple characters is tiring, thanks.
@Ryan @JellyBitz @EzKime

Bruhh GIF

Proof why this should never be added

Reason for not adding?

You have 1800 chars in your manager, if you want to be toxic and farm the shit out of styria then you can work a little harder for it.

they are academy characters and bot limit is 100 maybe you forgot, your answers are more toxic, i just asked,bb.

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