Exchange problem and command problem

I got 2 starbge issues here 1st with exchange I didnt set exchange in bot or changed anything about it but whenever I trade with someone it is messed up like auto completes even if the other aide didnt press the complete button and sometimes says this. Trade cant be done. Normally.

2nd issue. In xcontrol I set leader when he says TRACe it works fine but any other command dont work like Dm MT Tp. Any help ?

Did you download every plugin you can find? Thats probably messing with it.

Read the xcontrol commands carefully, they are case sensitive.

well yes I have plugin package and for the commands every one tp and dm mt except me though the TRACE command works fine and I can trace

Delete the plugins you don’t need… that’s breaking your trade. There’s no reason to load a plugin if you aren’t using it

I deleted all plugins except Xcontrol now exchange works fine but the TP MT DM commands only doesnt work wwhen the leader says TRACE i trace so I know I have his name written right but the 3 commands I mentioned not working while everyone around me get them working fine

You are typing the commands wrong… what is MT and DM? Read the plugin it lists all the commands

I’m not the one typing command the leader typpes MT to mount the trans DM to down mount TP #… #… to teleport and all players get affected with the commands so it is not wrong commands

Someone could of changed the commands… read the commands on the plugin screen, those are the default ones

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