idk what is that phBot_5_1_2019-19-49-44.mdmp (368.3 KB)
phBot_5_1_2019-19-49-47.mdmp (428.6 KB)

While doing what and on which server?

nothing, server Feroina

can you check it please and tell me what is the problem, and can you please release ph bot with stop party puff if someone in the training??

I logged into Feronia finally and I see nothing wrong. There is no version with that party buff feature. I haven’t even started working on it yet.

  • Added an option to stop all party buffing if a player is not in the party or not nearby
    hi 1st
    you misunderstand me i told you befor i want if clearic dc = other char puff all party soul + body ---- if the clearic come in the traning area this char stop party puff - not the opposite.

I still don’t understand. Find someone to translate it.

Is this what you want? At some point this is too complex and not worth doing. It can be toggled both ways in this case.


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thx i will update bot after all dc :smiley: my chars take 4 days to open :smiley: , i have more suggest of this point but i will tell you later about them, thanks alot

I see you liked it. Should I change it to that?

yes, i will make my wiz clrc puff all party soul + body if clrc dc but if clrc open and in training stop party puff

yes yes make it 2 ways like your SS Start/stop that will be very good and if i can mark on more than 1 char will be perfect, if you can make the same work on pick filter bot will be more smart

That will be in 21.9.6.


If the list is empty, the options are not used.

wow, thx alot, can you make that on pick filter, my parties gold bot 1 char have Pet - i want if thi char not in training area other char pick up like a party puff, thanks alot

Why haven’t you tried doing it with conditions?


iam not good with that option really but if you add it i will be thankful.

I’m not going to do that when the functionality exists.

anyway i must thank you about adding, stop party puff, thanks alot

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