Error with proxy

Hi, I keep getting this error once wanting to connect with a proxy server. Though the proxy works fine, I’ve been using it on chrome and also tried it on mbot and works fine.

[10:19:59] Connecting to the gateway server [66.70.XXX.XX6:15779] through XX.254.8.XX:1080

[10:19:59] Socket address not available error


Did you accidentally select a bind IP when you started the bot? Check phBot.ini for the line BindIP.

The BindIP shows my local ip addess, for example

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You might want to try deleting it.

That was it, what does the bindip do?

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Binds the connection to a specific IP address. It’s needed when you have multiple interfaces and want the bot to connect over a specific one.

Is this option exists on manager or can be added ?

To set a bind IP? No. It requires multiple bot folders.


Not that I want this feature, but why there are multiply bot folders required? Doesn’t it get handeld by command line args?
--bindip arg Bind address


It will get saved to phBot.ini then all bots will be using it.

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do different folders means differene hwids @Ryan ? because after i trying that i started to get hwid limit error

No. If you change network devices the HWID will change though.

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me too have problem

I got a new proxy but I get a network error why
I would be happy if you help