Error script

My phbot have problen , No using Return scroll ,
when it’s stuck .

Post the script.

Just paste it.

this is the script, when the character is out of place, he doesn’t use tp, usually the other players push the account out of place, and when he’s out he doesn’t use return scroll. :frowning:

You mean reverse?

he does not use return scroll when arrested to return to the city.

Script Spot Beak Peak.txt (1.6 KB)

I really liked this phbot but I need to solve this little problem, so that I can feel fulfilled

Where are you getting stuck?

he gets stuck off the beak peak spot Roc Montain.

the script works perfectly, but when the character goes off the spot he gets stuck and doesn’t use return scrol,
other players sometimes push the account out of place, the account gets stuck and doesn’t use tp for city.

That has nothing to do with the script then.

but the bot was to use return scrol if it wasn’t attacking ‘-’



I solved the problem ^^ thanx all

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hey bro there ?