Error "Proxy: Server returned [1] auth status"

Hi, Today i wanted to start proxy and i wanted help from my friends also. I have 4 different proxies which we are sure about " They are working " I am getting Proxy: Server returned [1] auth status Same time they can login and they can use it but i can not. Only one time i can logged in than when i disconnected from server, i didn’t relog again. Can anyone help me about it, please? Thank you.

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There is probably an issue with your proxy or your user/pass is wrong for it.

No, I am sure proxy and user/pass is working %100 percent. 2 different friends tried it on their pc. They can log on problemless. It doesn’t work only on my pc. Maybe some settings are blocking for connect via proxy?

@Ryan I copied the phbot folder to desktop and I can log in from phbot with proxy. But I can not log in from manager with same proxy. It says " Proxy: Server returned [1] auth status

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