Error on loging clientless

everytime i login as clientless it keep saying retrying in 30 sec
then my ip get block

You were probably already blocked. Use the queue system in the bot.

even if i login 1 account it happen the same problem

Which server?

also i don’t have queue option on the bot window
btw i use game alone or another bot its all working well

Disable relog then try logging in.

stucked at sending login info
and ip blocked again !

Are you sure the account is valid and not logged in? No one else has this problem.

i will explain everything,
i use 2 pc
i tryed to open bot normally its work well, tried to open it as clientless everytime do same problem except 1 time only while i was trying to login normal game at my other pc
except that all time same problem happen
acc info valid and when i try to login the acc i be sure there is no another chars trying to login in same time

  1. Connecting too many accounts at once.
  2. Logging in too many accounts at once (maximum is 2).
  3. Disconnecting and reconnecting too frequently.
    i don’t have any of this … i restarted my pc and my hotspot and check normal game to be sure im not blocked now i try to open single bot with single client
    it stucked in sending login credentails for more than 2 mins then it keep give that error
    02:40:55] Connecting to the gateway server []
    [02:40:56] Connection was closed by the remote host, retrying
    which mean my ip blocked again

also i haven’t this tap in bot window

  1. Use the queue system in the bot. It’s on the Silkroad Login tab (testing only).
    i saw it at the topic but can’t find it

and btw when i open client normally or by bot without clientless it works well without any problems

fixed when i started it with manager, ty

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