Hey, most probably Silkroad PrServer called Eron has HWID limit. Is there any way to workaround it? With phBot or something else?

People have long time asking the same question without even try to do something because are looking for something already done and it’s not the case.

At first you need to clarify what it’s a HWID in a few words:

Such thing is truly possible. Everything you send it’s through phBot packets, and guess what, one of this it’s your hwid.

The harder part here is modify correctly the HWID to don’t be denied by the server, also IP limit it’s controlled by server in the best case so you can’t do nothing there.

Sounds like too much effort just for one (1) private server :sweat_smile:


Thanks for answers :slight_smile:

I was looking into it for quite a long time, I have tried few programs, but nothing has worked. This is why I have decided to ask here :slight_smile: But thanks for your reply!

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hey i done it longtime before ^^ but its to hard to share now i working on a new server it have other packets and i cant find hwid packet ^^ i wanna change because pc limit eron was 0x8001 maybe someone can tell me from RetroSilkroad ? ^^ its protected by maxiguard 3.7 but i think u can change pc limit with a packet ^^