Equip better items on EU chars

Could you make the equip better items option use skill mastery levels on EU chars? Currently it’s doing it based on character levels instead and it can get stuck trying to equip items which it cannot do if there’s skill gap.

Here’s a video of it just incase :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure I can probably do that. Is it just armor or do weapons require that as well?

Only armors need the mastery levels.

Oh yeah, for some reason the exp scrolls you get from the potion npcs on vsro servers crash the bot whenever i set the bot to use the xp scrolls (also they can’t be used from the inventory tab in the bot)

Which scrolls specifically?


This and the 150% version too. the 50% one might also crash too.

(ITEM_ETC_100EXP_BASIC , ITEM_ETC_150EXP_BASIC & ITEM_ETC_50EXP_BASIC are their itemcodes if that helps)

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Found the problem. Thanks for the info.

Seems to be something with having premium on at the same time, without bot you can use these with premium. also works fine without premium thought bot. but with premium is just crashes.

Video with prem: https://streamable.com/5j86s

Video without prem: https://streamable.com/5avv1

Edit: seems like i was too slow XD