Encrypt a plugin

Hello @Ryan I made a good plugin but I want to share it to few people, there is a way to encrypt the .py file so no one can see it and copy my idea? I tried to make a pyc file but it seems that phbot does not recognize it.

Any ideas?

No. Even if you find a way I don’t want people doing that.

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congratz on your awesome plugin. Would you like to say what is it about?

More importantly, can u help me to write my own? I really want some guidance.

it’s for job, with a simple command I can call all my party, they go to town using return scroll then equip job suit, change de training area, go to the place we are robing, then buff all the party and use the transport, when I kill the traders they pick the goods and use bandit scroll or disconnect if I want.


where are you from?