[Easy SP!] Daily Quest Plugin

If you are leveling a character in iSro below level 100 this is the plugin for you!

Daily Skill Point quests can be a pain in the ass to pick up and turn in manually, specially if you are playing multiple characters clientless.
This plugin serves as an alternative to using autoquest, saving some time the bot would otherwise waste by visiting the daily quest NPC several times a day.
It requires the user to manually click the button in the plugin but it smooths out town scripts.

Just press 1 button and your character will use a return scroll to town to pick up / turn in the quest for you. If you are already in town, it won’t even waste a return scroll!

Just click the one big button in the middle of the plugin and you are good to go!

This plugin works for:

  • Get the daily SP quest automatically with the push of 1 button.
  • Turn in the daily quest automatically with the push of 1 button.
  • Check if your daily SP quest is ready to be handed in.
  • Start the bot after accepting or turning in the daily SP quest

This plugin doesn’t work for:

  • Checking if your daily quest has already been completed once that day

Get this plugin at:

Direct Download: [Right Click Save Link As]
Github: GitHub


For any questions, bugs or sending me the info requested above, feel free to PM me in this forum or adding me on discord: Midway | Sphiria#1225


05/11/2020: Reworked the plugin to dinamically retrieve NPC and Quest IDs for packetbuilding, making it game update proof.

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Just a heads up, NPC ID’s can change during an update so there is potenital for that part of your plugin to break. Check out the get_npcs API to prevent that.

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Just found out their packet data is nothing but the npc and quest IDs.
I’m going to rework the plugin to support this.

Yes you need the NPC ID.

the first 4 bytes of the packet are the NPC ID.

Return from get_npcs
833: {'servername': 'NPC_KT_COMMERCE1', 'model': 35152, 'name': 'Trader Sabonue'

833 >> to hex number = 0341

Select Packet from xPacketool
Client: (Opcode) 0x7045 (Data) 41 03 00 00

hopefully this helps

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You do realise that… this is already working on iSRO with phbot with the autoquest feature right?
I have it running on all my bots without issues

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Yes, just found out autoquest doesn’t disable the daily quests when turned in and instead it will just check if it’s up anytime you return to town.
I would have sworn it disabled the quest after completing it and not finding it in the NPC back when I tested it a long while ago.

Oh well whatever. It is done now.

Yeah it was happening a while ago, but that was a bug and it was fixed.
I bet you learned something with the plugin and had fun with it so, no time wasted! :smiley: