Dont walk around { not work well }

Dont walk around doesnt work well :( , i want to know if its due to the bot problem or its wrong from me , iam using auto res party members and the bot when going to res the lure person it must be back to the center , but it doesnt although its attack the mobs whitch are in the same lure person posion although iam not mark in protect party member , and my range is 20 and the lure man was for exapmle in 40 range , and the bot doesn`t back to the center and attack the mobs in range 40
Any help ?

Attack → Party Options → Walk back to the center after buffing

This option doesnt have any effect if you’re not buffing, does it?

iam already did it , but no thing effected , btw iam plaing in chin server not euro to be knowen , and the action didn`t not effected

iam not buffing and he doesn`t have any action like you said , you are right