Dont use item

There is a problem. The bot does not use a transport pet.
I tried to do it through the script, too, does not use

How can I get a bot to use it?

Thanks for help)

This is the Russian server? Some items cannot be used through the inventory tab. Does it use it when walking to the training area?

Yes, this is A menikon private server.
Not use it. even when returning to the training arena. I wrote it in the script, too, does not use it

The type for the item is probably set incorrectly.

I tried different ways to write it to the script. Mount transport, mount horse, use ITEM_COS_C_DRAGO_HIGHT. Each time it doesn’t use this ITEM. I don’t know what to do. Can as the through plugin tickles do?

And if I call it with my own hands, the bot shows this item. But the bot itself does not want to use this item(

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