Dont do Consigment

Hi , its only for me only, but dont make auto consigment, can check this problem?

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its true DoConsignment not work :frowning:

If nothing can be put into consignment or taken out it won’t do anything.

admin you can try it not work

Saw you can fix this promlem , becose dont see consigment when make script.
Plyss fix Bug

It put the items into consignment for me. Did you set a quantity + consignment price?

for me DoConsignment not working, too

I have the same deficit the system does not work anymore
i used it over 2 months so be assured my settings are correct since i have not changed anything
this problem has been occurring for 3 week now

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What isn’t it doing? Not registering items? I’ve tested that and it works.

yes admin registering items 12d 13d not work bot do nothing
problem occurring for 3-4 week now
my full guild wait for repair

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Got it. Fixed for the next version.

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thx so much admin
i waitet 1 full month for it :smiley:

dont work with 15d stones and try MS too dont do, its not only 12d y 13d items, its like ignore consigment in script. Thanks

can anyone tell me we again use consignment now on isro?
i not can test couse i stop buy bot since stall system not work and me only stallitem in game

Your town script must go to the consignment NPC and your script must contains “DoConsignment”.