Doesnt return when dead during script

I have “Return immediately if dead outside of the training area” (Protection → Return) and “Return when can’t continue script” (Training Area → Settings) checked. Still when the character dies during the script, he just stays there, dead.


You need to enable the option to return on dead as well.


But I dont want to return if I die inside my training zone…

Let me guess “put time as 23894982348932”

Then it’s never going to go back to town when you die in the script.

Why are these mutually exclusive.
I dont want to go to town if i die in my training area.
I want to go to town if i die on the way.

Seems pretty reasonable

“Dead” enables the returning options when you are dead. If it’s not checked it won’t do anything.


Then i guess this checkbox isnt labeled very well.

Well, my solution is this: set the return when not resurrected to 300min and then check the return if dead outside Training area and uncheck the “dead” condtion

Based on what ryan just said, it wont return since you unchecked “Dead”…

just test it. For me it´s working that way