Does phbot support origin private server?

I am currently playing in a private server called origin
it does not allow any bot to run
and I am not sure if phbot will work as my subscription has ended
would you please confirm if it’s supported or there will be any intentions to support it
thank you

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I did have support at one point but they asked me not to so I obliged.

i have too much friends needing ph bot they will pay, exists bots but we want phbot!.

Ryan please i play in original and phbot not work can u fix thise ?

its non bot server for a reason lol…

joymax said no bots and his game full botters …

Are you talking about isro? It’s not called original… it’s called international silkroad…. And the bot works perfectly there

And you posted in a topic for origin silkroad which is a private server… you may be confused

If your truly talking about a private server that’s no bots, even if phbot worked there you’d be banned. So give up and play a different server if you just want to bot