Disconnet Server

I am playing in the Bellona server. My chars go out of the game at regular intervals. Is it a general problem or Is it about my chars?

I play on isro too
looks like a general problem
perhaps it is not a problem, joymax strategy…
first logins characters first disconnects from server and then all dc in order

the problem continues to be removed from the game.

They want you to buy VIP.

Hello, I did buy Vip, but bot disconnected after every 15 minutes. How can I fix it??

Does it occur while teleporting? You need CrapTrap running for teleports on iSRO.

No, it occur while training. And I see CrapTrap did not work too even I bought CrapTrap.

And Captcha function did not work too. It always fill wrong words.

  1. On the Silkroad Login tab just select “Server”. That’s all it enables.
  2. Captcha field is only for servers with static captcha or not captcha. It will not use OCR to determine what the value is.

My bot shows this: " CrapTrap: Could not get a response from the server after 5 attempts". And it auto disconnect after every 15 mins. How can I fix it??

Can you tell me which server this is for? Server option is only for iSRO.

Server Thanh Long (Vietnamese Sro 3jobs)

When it receives an X-Trap packet a client will start. If you don’t have CrapTrap.exe in your bot folder it will not work.

I see CrapTrap.exe file in the folder.

Did it start a client? You should see CrapTrap in your system tray.

If it’s not working, I can download the game and test to make sure it does.

I see it on the system tray, but 0 packet handled

Hm, it should work. I’ll download it and take a look.

Thank you, ad!

I’m finally done updating. It looks like my account is banned so I can’t login to test. Do you have an unused account or can make one for me?