Disconnected before login screen

Hey all, I have a char in manager that is added sine months to startup (name is in green) but it doesn starts. So I decided to open it manually and thats it sayd disconencted before reaching login screen. I think the login in bot is bugged somehow but idk how to fix without restarting pc.

Usually means there is something wrong with your proxy.

I dont use proxy…

I even used a proxy later and still the same issue:
[18:31:05] Auto Relog: Disconnected before reaching the login screen

[18:31:05] Auto Relog: Starting relog process

[18:31:05] Clientless: Retrying in 15 seconds

[18:31:09] Data load status: 100%

I also restarted pc. I need to log this char cause it is one of my mains

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