The disconnect command is not working. i tried 10 times with different scripts but the disconnect is not working.

Tested in Jangan and it works.

[20:47:10] Script: Walking to 6432, 1081
[20:47:12] Script: Walking to 6433, 1064
[20:47:13] Script: Disconnecting
[20:47:14] Storage: Selecting NPC


this is my script and it’s not working you can try

I don’t think you can do that. You should set it to use a return scroll after login and have “disconnect” after your “terminate” command.

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so i have just to change the order?

Yes and use the return on login option that exists on the login tab.

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Do you have some time to help me learn Manager? Ty.

It’s pretty simple. Add your accounts then click start.

but how do i put into the account’s the settings that i like?

You have to configure the characters in the bot first. The Manager only starts accounts.

and how do i do that?

What? Configure characters? Just open the bot and setup skills like you’re already doing. Add your login info to the Manager and press start. All the Manager does is start/stop/restart the bot processes.

i made a second account in manager and did not even opened the sro client,

If you want it to open the client, choose the “Client” option in the Manager.


You have to set the private server name. It’s what you named it in the bot on the “Edit Private Server” dialog. Also for character selection you need to set the character name.

Where can i check the “after death” settings?

and how can i put a Script on loop?

On the protection → return tab you can set it to return on death. To loop a script just go back to the starting town in your script and when it finishes it will do the town loop then start your script again.