Disconnect, help me!

One of my accounts had an error when accessing for a few minutes, phbot reported lagging (pictured). someone help me handle this problem.


my location Turkey, and know Disconnect- and doesn’t work phBot why?

I got same issue.
Server VTC - Hoang Kim
The issue started happening about a week ago.

I login and bot 8 accounts. 4 normal and 4 via proxy.
Among them, there are 3 accounts continuously disconnected after 2-3 mins. (1 normal acc, 2 proxy acc) with log: “Socket address not avaiable error”


[06:14:06] Socket address not available error
[06:14:06] Script: Walking to -218, 575
[06:14:24] Script: Possibly stuck - going back a coordinate
[06:14:24] Script: Walking to -214, 551
[06:14:24] Script: Walking to -218, 575
[06:14:28] Script: Lag detected, waiting

Disconnect caused by VIP is out date in VTC server…
upgrade to VIP, the issue will be fixed.

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