Disabling clientless

Hello im playing on private server how can i disable the clientless relog 30 second ?

Go clientless then the client won’t start on relog.

In this server has HWID check this bot. cannot login with clientless. And im trying to login via client and the bot says this [20:54:14] You have 26 days left for iSRO/SilkroadR/vSRO/cSRO SilkroadR
[20:54:17] Data load status: 100%
[20:54:20] Connecting to the gateway server [exitio.online:28456]
[20:54:20] Connected
[20:54:22] Server capacity [Exitio] [4.45%]
[20:54:24] Login: Sending login credentials
[20:54:24] Captcha: Success
[20:54:24] Connecting to the agent server []
[20:54:24] Connected

manager is showing me Logging in

  1. time he can login wtf… idont understand. im trying with sbot… and its not has problem. what can i do ?

I think the phbot trying to login first time in clientless and my setting is login with client

this server is using sr_proxy filter. if it help…

Use the Manager and use the client option.