Different proxys with 1 manager?

hi everybody, i just started the project proxy.
atm im login like 80 characters with 10x manager cuz i want to start each party with 1 ip so that i can login 2 chars together…
the question i have is, is it possible to do it with only 1 manager? that i login with one manager like 20 chars? without getting the problem that 1 ip is login more than 2 chars at one time?
cheers and thanks in advantage :slight_smile:

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You can configure multiple proxies in 1.8.0 and set each account on a different one.

so for example i can start in each party like 2 characters?
or works it automatically?

You’d want to have each account on a different proxy then let the Manager start them all at once.

no only each party block cuz i have 10 ip´s and 80 characters… so for each character it cant work :frowning:

Use multiple groups and use the option “Start every group and wait for the account to get into the game world”

oh in new version is such a function?

That option has been there for a long time.

no at v1.8.1 there -login all at once
-wait for each account to get into the game world
-wait for each group…
-start every group and waait for the account to get into the game world
and start up to X accounts at once

the question if i click on start every group- how many chars in each group will start? cuz if more than 2 i get ip banned


yes got that too- so it willl login only 1 account of each group always? sorry for my thick-wittedness

Yes one account per group.

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alright thank you :slight_smile: !

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There are 12 chars on my Manager
4 accounts in each group (3 group)
each group has a different ip (1 local ip + 2 proxy)

Why can’t we start 2 accounts of each group?

Manager v1.8.1

Because that’s not what the option does.

if we cannot get a proxy for 2 characters…
so what are we going to do?