Difference between stable & testing (note/list)?

where can i read such a thing?
all in 1 note ? or for each release?
can i set my phbot or manger … to auto update my bots from stable to testing?

There are too many things to list. Testing has way more features.


i have to manually download & update testing version ?
manager dont do it? Only for Stable?

It’s an option in the installer.

if i do reinstall
do i need to also re-cofig all the settings for all the bots?
for idpw & buysell & skills & settings & lure & master lvlup & & &?
or copy it out & reinstall
or just simply click on the installer & install normally & all settings are gonna stay there?

The configs will work fine between the two.

Stable is like stable and old version of phBot.

Testing is like stable and latest with advanced options.

Feels like stable is Free, Testing is PRO version.

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also i copied the files
from stable “config” & “Data”
to testing “config” & “Data”
or should i only copy “config” files?

Both is fine.