Demeter Issue

anybody is playing in Demeter server? today there was an update for the server… it stayed under check for over 8 hours and when its back i cant login all my chars except one low lvl farming it… all were online when the update started but so far i cant login, bot says that chars still online and in normal launcher says that it forced stop by the game and i have to try after 5 minutes… tried many times and no way, would it be i got banned for my chars were online then?!!

Close all Applications related to the Bot + Silkroad and wait… your characters should time out at any (close) point of time from the server side. Avoid trying it too often. may lead to an temporary IP ban (not sure about that). Try again in a few hours after closing everything.

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Thanks for reply but i think its a game bug, 2 if my friends who have chars running had the same issue and they say we have to wait till yhey restart the server so im waiting

nothing yet… think i gotta to wait till next servers update or tho, its annoying shit :frowning: