Delay detected, I'm waiting Promlem

Stuck for hours and delay detected ,bu sorun günde bir veya iki kez ortaya çıkabilir
and it won’t be able to fix without closing the phbot ,Or if you repeat this for 5 minutes, if you set the phbot to shut down completel I do not think that would be a problem

disable colision detection >trainingsarea > setting

now in server maintenance I will try shortly
but the character is not stuck somewhere, it gets this error because the connection is broken
anyway i hope it works

this is the most anoying thread and there is no solution on it… there is no way to make the bot relog when lag is detected i hope they can add a function like that as soon as possible

No fix until ryan reproduce the problem himself

I think the source of the problem is due to internet speed.
My internet speed is 8 megabits and I never remember having such a problem (formerly)
now my internet is 6 7 times faster and pingim maximum 12 or 14
When my internet slows down a bit, I get this error
so why did such a problem occur in the last 2 weeks or 3 weeks
and not only me but I saw a lot of complaints in the forum address