Delay after Dead/Res-Testing

You added some delay on casting buffs for example … when a bard char casting guard tambour dies and you res it it doesn’t recast the guard tambour buff again … i need to do it manually or it takes sometime to do so … this effects party fight , hopefully you can make it recast the buffs as its used to be. Ty

Same problem here on vSRO 2 Job delay is 3-10 minutes after ress.

No I did not add a delay. I’ll have to look into this.

I have not checked this out yet. Now that there is a “bot status” message in 21.6.6, can you see what it says after you are resurrected? This is on the Statistics tab where it says “Connected”.

the problem is like this :
-char use a buff .
-it dies so i res it .
-it stays without using the buff for few mins then it recast buff again (sometimes char die before that)

*char is bard

Which buffs? From my own testing the bard recasts instantly after being resurrected.

Guard tambour - Mana tambour

I tested Mana Cycle and Mana Tambour and both worked.

not if they were tracing .

I tested several versions to find out when this problem started. (21.5.6) is the last working version for me.

Starting with 21.5.7 the bard char keeps recasting the same buff (Guard/Mana Tambour) over and over again. Guard/Mana Tambour buffs do not usually end. You cast them once and they stay forever. They can be canceled though, if you ran out of MP for example, or got attacked several times.

With version 21.5.8 things changed a bit. Char makes buffs as usual, and if one of the above buffs is canceled the char doesn’t recast it IF there is another bard doing a DIFFERENT buff.

For example, Bard #1 makes Guard Tambour, Bard #2 makes Mana Tambour just fine. Only for the first time. Now if one of the bards died (say Bard #1) and its buff (Guard Tambour) is canceled, then got res and woke up, it somehow see the OTHER bard buff (Mana Tambour) as its own and doesn’t do its buff (Guard Tambour). It continue to cast other buffs as usual, like speed.

To fix this, I make one of the bards leave the party, so that Bard #1 no longer gets the other bard buff (Mana Tambour) and now it detects that its own buff is canceled and started to make it. This happens every time one of the bards die.

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Party buffs are tricky. I may have a fix for 21.6.7 so you’ll have to try it when it’s out.

I have tested the 21.6.7 until 21.7.4 bard still doesn’t recast buff when its canceled .

i just realized this. i was thinking for a few hours that why my bard not casting mana tombour :frowning:

Not sure how to test this. The character dies and after a resurrect it uses Mana Tambour again.

even if it has another active bard buff ?

Which buff specifically?

guard tombour for example. when i die and ressurected, i have active guard tambour from second bard. then my char not casting mana tambour

What do your skills look like? The second bard will only cast a tambour if one is not active or a dance is active.

so thats the problem.
first bard has mana tambour,
second bard has guard tambour + dance

first bard died, and mana tambour + dance closed, guard tambour is active.
second bard ressurrected;
first bard should cast the mana tambour again in order to first tambour can cast dance.

I think I finally figured it out.

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