Deficiencies that I noticed, please try to fix them

Hello dear sirs

  1. The bot is spamming the skill while casting it, therefore cancelling the casted skill and this is a problem for long cooldown skills.

  2. Please make emergency buffing more detailed. HP/MP and number of monsters attacking depend on each other to cast the skills in emergency skill list.

  3. The bot is spamming debuff skills (warlock/ch force) off cooldown. Make it so that when the debuff is already on the monster char wont use the same skill until that debuff goes off from the monster.

  4. In conditions section, when i set a skill to use when a player in the party is not in the training area, the char wont use the skill until the mob it is attacking is dead. This is a problem if the char is trying to kill high hp monster such as Giant Party monster. Attacking monsters has priority to any skill being casted in conditions section. That is bad.

  5. When arranging the skills, please make it easier to search, by letter order or something. When i want to record script and add a skill, it is pain to do that. Why not just make it add the skill when you use it in the game?

These are the ones that i can remember so far, i will add more if i come up with more.

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You are experiencing a buff conflict when using emergency skills and warlock buffs.


  1. Add an option to apply pick filter settings once for all chars.

Copy pick filter list and paste it into each bot folder.

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