Debuff support

Hi Ryan,

Would it be possible to add a smart way of using debuff skills to the bot?

Use cases:

  • Warlocks want to cast attack skills or switch back to the main weapon to attack, if the targeted monster is debuffed. Since debuffs last quite long, we don’t want to recast the debuffs once the cooldown is over. We want to wait till the debuff on the target monster expires.
  • The same goes for chinese force debuffs.
  • Also other skills, like the blade/sword combos or warrior combos could be used until the monster has the specific debuff. If the target monster has the specific debuff, the chars could continue using other more powerful attacks.

I am thinking about the following design:

  • We would need an other window similar to the Attack configuration window to configure debuff skills for each type of monster (General, Champions … PT Giant, Uniques).
  • The user would be able to move debuff skills for the specific monster types into this configuration window

How and when should those debuff skills be executed:

  • The skills defined in this Debuff window would be prefered over the skills defined in the Attack skill window.
  • They should only be casted, if the target monster is not already debuffed with the skill
  • Skills from the Attack window would be casted, if the target is debuffed with all skills or if all remaining debuff skills are on cooldown

I guess this feature could help a lot while facing uniques and pt giants, since the bot could use attack and debuff skills in an efficient way.

Is this feature request realistic or would it be far to much effort?



wow nice this is a good idea would be very helpful!

Adding a second window specifically for debuffs should not be necessary. I’ve made it so if the target has a debuff on it will skip skills that give the same status.


Holy shit. That was much faster than I would have ever expected it to be. I’ll give it a try later today. Thanks a lot!

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I just tested it with a wizard/warlock char. So far the debuff recognition works well for regular debuffs.
Just the following behaviours are strange:

  • The char continues using vampire touch (disease) and combat raze (Impotent), even though the target is already debuffed with the “disease” status. It works fine for other debuffs
  • Maybe this is not related to this feature, but the char always tries to switch back to the main weapon to cast the main weapon buffs. Would it be possible to use buffs which have an item requirement only if the corresponding weapon is also equipped?
    Currently the bot behaves like this: The char switches to Warlock rod → (Life turnover turns off) casts 1 debuff → switches to staff and casts Life turnover → switches back to warlock rod and continues debuffing (Life turnover turns off)
    Guess the workaround for now is to turn off to buff while attacking monsters
  1. Vampire Touch is an attack skill, right? This is only for debuff skills and not attacks. I did forget to add Impotent so that will be fixed in the next release.
  2. I can add something but I have no idea how well it will work. You’ll have to try it.

Yes, Vampire Touch is an attack skill to absorb the enemies HP, but I guess it is mainly used for debuffing. The disease debuff of vampire touch gives the other debuffs a higher probabilty to work.

This is why my initial idea was to have an other window for debuffs, so we could also define attack skills as debuff skills, e.g. Vampire Touch, the chain attacks of sword characters and so on.

Would it be possible for now to add a checkbox to activate the debuff behaviour for all skills which have a debuff effect, so the user could decide whether he wants to have the regular attack behaviour or the debuffing behaviour?

I found a better way to detect if it’s a debuff and not an attack like a sword chain. It will now include Vampire Touch/Kiss.

I really don’t like the idea of having a separate debuff window because it seems unnecessary. For Chinese skills, you’d probably want to cast them anyway even if the monster has the debuff. You would put more attacks after them (like nukes for instance).

There’s a new option on the Buff tab. It may not work.

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Ok, I’ll give it a try right away. Probably be able to give them feedback in 10-15 mins.

Yea, probably 90-95% of the users would not use the debuff window at all.

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So I did some brief testing and it seems like it is working pretty good.

  • Vampire touch and combat raze are detected as debuff skills.
  • The char does not cast Life Turnover anymore while casting the debuffs, if the flag in the buff tab is turned on.

Only thing I noticed is, that it still switched from warlock rod to staff to cast a wizard emergency buff, but I guess that is expected behaviour.

Very impressive, thanks alot!

I’ll do some further testing during the next days, but this already helps me alot!

Could you give some insight which criteria you use to determine whether or not the skill is a debuff?

It depends on what you set your primary weapon to be. If your primary is warlock then it won’t switch to a staff to use its buffs until it switches for an attack.

Emergency buffs will still switch and ignore that setting.

Debuff = has no attack damage and has one of the debuff statuses.

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Sounds good! Thanks again.