DC & relogin plugin

anyone could make such a thing
to DC & relogin … after s certain set time passed … despite the character boting … or just standing there…
this helps with the XP problem … such as “Palmyra XP fatigue” thing … where u need to relogin every less than -8hours … to refill the XP-gain bar…

I guess you could use the “Protection” → “Return” → “Time” → “Disconnect every x minutes” function, couldn´t you?
Else there are conditions:
If Time elapsed > x seconds, Then Terminate

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Make return and disconnect value to: 280 or 290

Then start bot with manager. That’s it.

i want it to DC at a set time
wither i was boting or not

the bot auto DC counts Only while u boting

stoping bot for few mounts or stuck or something … does not count for the Auto DC to trigger
& thats bad

idk what benefit u get from setting to DC after boting time when

u got to be able to DC after Login time passed … since it charges the XP-gain bar (in palmyra at least) that u can benefit from … incase “AGAIN” u got stuck or something & bot stopped

Stopping bot does not reset botting time. You will see botting time still recorded while botting. If you wait until the time comes, you character will DC itself.