Dc problems on Nyx

after login bot says
[22:34:20] Bot stopped. Botting time [2 minutes]
and stop boting
what can I do? pls help

Did you disconnect? Most likely a server issue unless you have an expired pick pet.

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There is nothing you can do. I also have the same problem. It is server related.
I even wrote to jc planet.
Here is the answer:

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I have the same problem: iSRO new NYX server - constantly DC
Time befiore dc was decreasing everyday and today I have dc right after log in -.-
I have also tried to make request to JCPlanet but they answered in the same way.
BTW they have the worst ticket system which I know- they are closing tickets with status done when problem still exist :joy:

Thank you for your posts. It reassures me to read that I am not the only one with this problem. I hope JC gets it sorted out quickly.

Same problem, DC after login (with original clien too).
Hope they will quickly resolve the problem, and refund the wasted premium time…

any news ? Server is full, how can be possible with dc problem…

I have no news and still the same problem

Just after connection, get disconnected :sob:
what the he** happen !

its a bug about Prem+ and the vip system a char that does not have the prem + u can play on that acc

Well i testet around a bit , and this issue is a character issue, not account, its about the char, my main chars ( vip gold / silver ) dont have this issue , my farm party ( all prem + ) got it . As soon as i log in i get instant game DC when game opens, So i created a new char and there is no issue anymore i dont get a dc . Maybe server issue on that chars, possibly will be fixed on reset in 3 hours

Have some news with JcPlanet or Joymax ?
Joymax not responding today.

I’ve tried as you to create other character on same account, and it work with, but not with the prem+ character.
Do you think they will refund us the wasted time ?

They won’t refund anything.

Octobius, I also have the same problem. are you silver I believe that this problem is happening to those who are not. It will be?

I’ve bought silver silk (not tradable) and premium gold plus time.

I’ve bought silver silk (not tradable) and premium gold plus time.

If not, I will ask for refund with paypal and screenshot of my wasted premium gold time plus and all support ticket that i’ve created.

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So your char is vip bronze?

So i got an answer of Joymax proving that if u buy prem+ with normal ( non tradeable silk) its your problem, since u can loggin but cant stay in becosue of vip stauts, so with other works " Buy Prem+ with premium silk to use the full Advantage of this item " Silver VIP + Prem + = no problems

I buy now 300 premium silks. But ranking update just next month:(