DC every 15 Minutes

Hello all,

I play with the phbot on isro. From the beginning I play with 8 chars and everything worked. Since today I have problems. As soon as 2 chars are in the game and another 2 chars log in in the background, the ones that are online get a DC after 15 minutes. What could be the reason?
Thanks for your help

You need a proxy for more than two characters.

Which server?


now I can’t get into the game at all. Even with only 1 char and the original client I get a DC again after 2 minutes at the latest.

Are you using a Proxy? you might have a temp IP ban possibly.

@Faun I think, that with IP ban you cant even log in.
@Gwen187 , for now there are 2 more topics in this case (server Nyx):

@Ryan any ideas? Can it be some new Joymax strategy to the botters? Or it is just server problem?

I do not use a proxy. Since Nyx has been open, I have been playing with 8 chars without a proxy, and that has always worked.

THX sadey26

Here looks like the same issue you’re having?! Server issues.

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