DC after login the moment it start training

palmyra server isroR
90 nuker (attacker)
91 glaive (attacker)
92 cleric (buffer)

all in 1pt
after login
if died … it wont DC
but if its still alive or started buffing or attacking… they get DC/kicked from the server instantly…

why @Ryan or anyone knowz?

Check your network, dns and Windows update.

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& @Ryan
that has nothing to do with it
u see the 3 chars on bottom
being offline they were at TOP as in first 3 to login …
& for days
then the 2nd acc turn come
& while it try login
the 1st who was logged already … DC
& then the 2nd acc logged in
& 1st acc turn come … as in … in order from TOP to bottom 1by1
& while it try’s logging in the 1st … the 2nd already DCed the moment it started training…or sec’s … less than a minute…

so i thought maybe there is some ip limit or something & i did a test … & moved this 3 to the bottom
guess what & as u see … all the other chars logged in & still ON dead or alive …
except this 3x at the bottom …

any idea’s? Mr. @Ryan ?

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