DC after login queue finished

17:32:31] Login Queue: 16/1005

[17:33:01] Login Queue: 13/1005

[17:33:31] Login Queue: 7/1005

[17:33:44] Connecting to the agent server []

[17:33:44] Connected

I have this issue which happens frequently.
I think this happens when I’m on the standby list or something from server I’m trying to login on and the client/bot restarts several times, because the server is full.
All buttons (Start bot, Go Client, etc.) in the bot are greyed out, but the login queue counter continues.
Once I’m logged in however, the bot restarts and I’ve waited for nothing, which obviously sucks due to the enormous queue times.

Not sure why this happens and which setting I have to turn on/off

This is not a problem with the bot, due to the server being full and as you don’t have VIP, the game disconnects you even after your turn to log in to the queue.

Holy shit, that’s disgusting. Waiting 2h just to DC immediately…

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