DC after logged in

3 accounts logged in then less than 1 minute, all get disconnect.

for the first time i added more characters into the manager to easy log into alt accounts for HWT by pt group

delay is the same as before except in the setting i uncheck “Start all accounts on start up”

when i started the manager , i right clicked the group i want to start then click “start once”
all logged in then dc at the same time in less than 1 min.

problem fixed, i clicked “Start” instead of “Start once” now i didn’t get the dc.

Your delays are probably really low.

start delay 5000
client starting 120000
disconnected 60000

the delay never changed. but when clicking start instead of start once , i don’t get dc anymore,

Those don’t matter. The “not in game” one matters most. None of the delays mean anything when using the start once option.

the not in game my delay 0, what should be the right number?

Depends on the server. 0 should be disabled. Set it to 5.

I know “Not in game” option as delay that terminates phBot when character can’t log in after x in minutes. Am I right?


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still doesnt work so im just gonna use the start instead of start once

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