DC after connection to game, help please

I get disconnected in all characters after login to the game (Server Kali) (10-15mins) they all disconnect after each other on the order which character logged in first (100% DC to all my parties not the random DC that the game gives you). I am using proxies and checked them, changed them still the same problem. Also my original internet ip is a fixed one. So is the game some how blocking me or something ( even tho i am using proxies) or i did something wrong in the phbot. Also i copy pasted the whole phbot&manager to another location on my pc before that everything was working fine. Pleaaaseee help me

I think it’s the server. I disconnect constantly from Kali and I don’t have VIP.

Yea but what i am saying is, the dc is organised. Like in my first Party 2 characters dc, then the 2 after them then so on till all the party dc, then starts the 2nd party ( this goes on for 5 parties ). it is like organised dc, it is never a character from the first party with one from the middle or last one. it is really sequential dc one after another in a certain order