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Hi, Is it ok to copy the db of 1 account to another? to have same settings all character? If possible how to do it? Thanks for the help

as far as I know. copy the file from the “Config” folder, from the one you want to copy
and then change the name to the new one

the db3 will save the town setting and pick filter
if u to copy everything u need to copy json + db3
and yes you can copy them from char to another by

Copy ~> Paste ~> Rename to the char that You want …
Note: Make Sure that the name in this Order
SERVER_CHARNAME.Profile.() <<<~ in the last thing it should be db3 or json depend on what u copying

i just want to copy settings in phbot eg town,coordinates,filter and etc. :slight_smile: so its all in db3?
for the json is like account details? correct me if im wrong

json will save the party - attack setting - buff setting - conditions - maystery - attack pet setting - training area - protection

db3 will save Town - pickfilter

Ok i understand. Next question, Is it ok to copy db3 and json while the account already logged?

well, the account u are going to copy from (( its okay to be logged ))

but the account that u copy to … some time i face problem that the setting that i changed dont applied until i terminate it you could try

Ok thanks ive understand all now :smiley:

You Welcome ^^

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