Daily lamp quest help

hi im using latest test version of the bot.bot gets quest,completes it but doesnt hand the lamp.even though i enabled it

The lamp quest NPC has to be in the same town as the one you first started the bot in. You also need to enable collision detection so it can create a path to the NPC.

i already did it all but still doesnt give lamp to homeless genie.

Did you enable that quest too? Aren’t they different quests?

yes i enabled both genie lamp daily quest,and handing lamp quest

All of them? What does it say on the quest tab? Does it say they are completed?

i only enable the quest that i get.i also tried to enable all.bot gets the quest and turns the quest without a problem but just doesnt exchange lamp.hand the lamp quest doesnt show on the q list btw.

here is quest tab.

topic can be closed.i basically added a condition to execute a script that goes to homeless genie.

Joymax changed the apostrophe in Genie's Lamp so it doesn’t know if you have the item or not. It will work in the next version.

Hi Ryan,
when I change the Town my char stuck in new town. how can i fix it?