Creating town script

doing NPC’s
the selling NPC … sell’s at random NPC? i mean what i set to sell…?

after doing a “walk and do NPC’s”
after finishing town
do i enter the “doscript” button?
does it have to be in town zone?
cant it starts from outside town zone?

not to all if i mind correctly the bot only sells to the weap/protctor npc bec they can also repair

yes the last thing on a townscript has to be doscript and is has to be close to the original spawn point to use autowalk correctly

if you ar trying to start it outsite of town it will autowalk to the trainingsarea if posible if not it will stop or return to town (whatever you set it to)

town scripts always only starts when its close to the first script cordinate otherwise it will stop or return to town (whatever you set it to)

return town if cant continue script

it walks around and give “possible stuck trying to move around” or something like that
in a plain field with nothing around it

yes this is a colision detection bug

Don’t bot near objects otherwise it’s going to try and find a path back to your training coordinates.

@Ryan :smiley: i also have this problem from time to time


this is an exmple of this bug he/me talking about

use the script or add it in bot direct as TOWN script for “Constantinople”

set Constantinople as base
add the XY in link(for fast test) with char 106+ to be able to teleport there ofc

and see
(palmyra server is what im on if it matters)