Craptrap vSro official

Hi Ryan
I try use phbot for my official vsro server, now i dont see the notice that disconncect every 10min on phbot, but craptrap keep open and close , that take all my cpu, can you help me that ?
See my clip below


Did you update? That fix was in one of the recent updates.

I think yes, because i see your update so i try again

You updated phBot.dll too? That was the main fix.

did it auto update ?

It should have. Can you tell me the version number?

version of phbot or dll? phbot 21.9.7

The DLL. You can see it if you right click on it and go to properties.


i not sure which tab you want see xD

You should also be using CrapTrap 1.3.8.

How i can use it ?
i must buy craptrap to play on vsro or what, teach me Ryan

No, that’s only for iSRO. You need CrapTrap 1.3.8 which has fixes for vSRO as well as the DLL.

Give link i try abit before go work please, i just download phbot and lets it autoupdate all …

it’s already 1.3.8

The file i download same as the old file i have

Which server are you playing on? 2 job or 3 job?

3job Bach Ho

This is working fine for me so maybe try a reboot.

Did you login into game ?