CrapTrap VM


For official iSRO/SilkroadR only.

I have decided to release a VM that can be run with VMware Workstation/Player 11 so that no one will need to rely on the server option.

The VM contains iSRO and SilkroadR with shortcuts on the desktop to do everything that is required. Version 11 of VMware Workstation is required as 12 has a DirectX crash bug that occurs shortly after launching the game.

Windows 7 has not been activated. If after 30 days it locks you out, you’ll need to re-download the VM image.

VMware Workstation 11 (Player comes with it and should be free)

Virtual Machine (4.75 GB, decompresses to 15 GB)
Google Drive




  1. Download and install VMware and 7-Zip.

  2. Extract CrapTrap.7z.

  3. Double click CrapTrap.vmx.

  4. Power on the VM and select “Copied”.

  5. If it asks you to reboot, do so.

  6. Read the README.txt file on the desktop.

(correction: when it says “change the CrapTrap field inside phBot.ini” it should say “change the X-Trap field inside phBot.ini”)