CrapTrap ? stuck

Any idea why Craptrap stuck sometimes if need back to client ? need
restart/Quit my CrapTrape 5-10x times ? Version CrapTrap 1.3.5 by test Phbot v21.8.2 ?

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Explain “stuck”.

if press start to client , sro are loading with icon , but for real are crash after 5-10min , if go to Crap trap to reset or quit he already fine somethime

dont worry, there are many topics about this problem but no solution;)

You could try that DLL I posted. It prevents the client from loading a bunch of crap which may help if GFXFileManager is busted.

Ive had the same problem for several days now and what I have been doing is ending the process in task manager and then try to go client again. Sometimes I have to do this a couple of times to fix it, the only thing is If I want a couple of accounts open at once I really dont know what “sro.client.exe” is for what account.