Craptrap Resulting in increased CPU usage

Hi because this program has caused a severe increase in CPU usage
No such problem before
It became like this after updating yesterday
Can you help us solve it? ^^ Thanks Ryan

Upgrade your PC. You can either have it respond to X-Trap packets or not.

Are you saying that the antivirus software is turned off?

No. CrapTrap needs to run on DIGEAM for X-Trap packets.

Do you want me to upgrade the hardware?

If running two Silkroad clients is a problem then yes.

Is this program able to block the Taiwanese official

@Ryan Is this app for Taiwanese players
The program set to prevent official detection !?

Yes. However I cannot be sure if it works or if they will detect programs running to ban you.

Can we Taiwan players observe
I’ll reply to you whether this craptrap program needs to be executed
Because we Taiwanese players found
The official is to look at our IP location to determine whether we open a lot of robots
If this grid program can not help us
We can talk to you react to cancel this program do?