CrapTrap problem

Hello. I have problem with phbot CrapTrap. Looks like phbot open silkroad client before CrapTrap, but phbot normaly login account and ( disconnect ) after 5 attempts, because CrapTrap don’t open properly everything freeze. I tryed to run CrapTrap over and over but it still phbot open silkroad client before it.
CrapTrap 1.3.9 - 0 packets handled
Any suggest? Thanks

Keep restarting the client until it opens correctly. There’s nothing you can do since Joymax broke GFXFileManager several updates ago.

Believe me I’ve tryed 100 times and nothing. So that mean I can just leave phBot and focus on someone else?

Close all clients or reboot, open the bot, click “local” and let CrapTrap start the client, then start the bot client. If it’s unable to open then you will need the CrapTrap subscription for clientless on iSRO (or just leave the bot clients running).