Craptrap Local to Server

i was wondering if you can make it possible to change the craptrap from local to server without having to close the bots. Its very annoying when your craptrap server subscription runs out and it doesnt allow you to change back to server after purchasing.

if this is not possible then can you add a line when you open the bot that tells you have many days left on your craptrap server, similar to how it tells you how many days are left on the bot subscription.

its very frustrating to come home or wake up and all have changed to local and you cant do anything except close all chars… even notification is good so we dont let the subscription run out…


You receive an email when there are 2 days left and 0 days left on your subscription.

its not my email so i dont (shared account)… you cant add it to the bot? also what about my other question about being able to change it from local to server. make that possible?

You want a pop up notification from every bot at the same time? That’s what would happen.


[18:08:46] Welcome to phBot v16.2.6
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[18:08:52] Login successful
[18:08:52] You have 10 days left for iSRO/SilkroadR/vSRO
[18:08:52] You have 10 days left for Craptrap Server

or if you cant do that make it so people can change from local to server after they purchased it without having to close the bots

It will eventually be in there.