CrapTrap Issue

Hi Ryan and Everyone,

I would like to point out 2 things I noticed;

-CrapTrap becomes unresponsive and causes the character to disconnect from game when they ‘Go Client’ on ‘Local’ CrapTrap selected. I am trying the dll file you gave some months ago but the link is broken. Could you share a new one so I can test to see if it works.
-Turkish translation in ‘Protection’ of ‘AutoSit HP and AutoSit MP is wrong’ It should be ‘HP Otur’ and ‘MP Otur’ instead of ‘HP Sabitle’ [this means Stabilise HP and many people select this and have their char sitting randomly :]

Much Appreciated.

  1. The CrapTrap application or the client itself?
  2. So is that why people opened threads about the bot sitting down and I told them to turn off sit down? lol

-When they try try to go on client, the client is stuck for a while and causes disconnect to the character.
Sometimes we use restarting the CrapTrap by rightclicking on it. It sometimes works like that.
I advised them to use the phbot.dll to see if it works.

-It is so funny that many party chars are slacking off and people were confused.

The changes I sent you before are already in the latest phBot.dll that auto updates.