Craptrap endless problem

Every Inspection we have to wait for almost 10hrs ~ if not more just for you to update the craptrap … you are busy man i get it … but think of how many ppl are using this server you can spare 15mins after game opens just to update it . Ty

I can’t do that if I’m sleeping. Inspection ends around 2 AM my time.

It’s supposed to auto update but every update something ends up breaking like their garbage update servers.

so everytime we have to wait like 10h to wakeup and update ? sorry other bots they dont sleep for his work

No, because it’s supposed to auto update like I described. It was perfectly fine for years until their update servers stopped working half the time. Even when I do it manually sometimes I can’t update and have to copy the PK2 files around.

ok my friend i just wanna say that you have good bot and some people take it work to bring money and live from it so just care more about it and keep going